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March 4 | Children of God

Saint Casimir

A.D. 1458–1484

At Dynamic Catholic, we have a poster for kids that reads:

I am the son/daughter of a great King. He is my father and my God. The world may praise me or criticize me. It matters not. He is with me, always at my side, guiding and protecting me. I do not fear, because I am his.

When we’re young, we all dream of being princes and princesses, the sons and daughters of great kings. This yearning never really goes away. That’s because it was put in our hearts by God.

The truth is, we are all sons and daughters of the greatest King that has ever, will ever, and could ever exist. We are the sons and daughters of God, our father.

Saint Casimir also happened to be the son of the King of Poland: King Casimir IV. But that was not the royal lineage that he truly cared about.

The young Prince Casimir was educated under the supervision of Father Długosz, who helped him focus his heart and mind on the Kingdom of God, and not just Poland. Casimir became deeply devoted to Mary, the Queen of Heaven, and later composed a hymn to her that is still cherished today.

When it came time to take up his position as an earthly king, Casimir did the unthinkable: he turned down the crown. Instead, he devoted himself to serving God, his true King.

Saint Casimir's compassionate, humble service was the mark of his true princehood in the eyes of God. He cared for the sick and the poor, seeing in them the face of Jesus, and understanding his own role as a prince was to serve others rather than be served.

We too are children of God, and if children, heirs. (Romans 8:17) Whenever you aren't sure of your worth or need to be reminded of your ultimate purpose, just remember: You are the son or daughter of a great King. Do not fear, because you are his.


I am the son/daughter of a Great King.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Patron Saint of: Lithuania and Lithuanian Youth

Symbols: Lily

Feast Day: March 4

Canonized: 1522

Canonized By: Pope Adrian VI

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