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June 5 | Evangelization (Pt. 1)

Saint Boniface

A.D. 675–754

Do you live the Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic?

Dynamic Catholic was founded on research that showed that just 7% of Catholics are highly engaged. These highly engaged Catholics do almost everything and pay for almost everything in their parish communities.

The research also showed they all lived four life-giving habits. We call these the Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic. They are: Prayer, Study, Generosity, and Evangelization.

It turns out, every saint in history has lived these four signs too. Let's look at Saint Boniface for a powerful example of Evangelization.

Saint Boniface, born with the name Winfred, was a Benedictine monk from England who was so in love with the faith he couldn’t help but share it. In 716, the pope sent him to evangelize in Germany and gave him the new name of Boniface, after a Roman martyr who died in the early centuries of Christianity.

Boniface was extremely successful in his evangelistic efforts. Germans were converting by the hundreds, but Boniface didn’t stop there. Nearby was a tree that German pagans considered sacred. Boniface took an ax and chopped it down to use as wood for a new church. The Germans were amazed by his courage, and many of them converted on that day. This is also considered by many scholars to be the origin of the Christmas tree tradition.

Saint Boniface knew the consequences for his bold evangelization could be severe. Yet, he was brave and selfless in sharing his faith. Eventually, he was martyred by one of the German tribes.

Your evangelization efforts do not have to be so dangerous, but they can be just as powerful. 

One proven way to attract people inside the doors of a Catholic church is to help make your parish dynamic.

What is it that attracts people to a community? Well, it's the people. It's the way the people relate with each other. So, what is it about the people in your community that is attracting or repelling people? People don't go places where they don't feel welcome. People spend time with people they enjoy being around. 

God transforms people one at a time. If you want a dynamic parish, you need dynamic, or highly engaged, Catholics. If you put enough dynamic Catholics in a parish, it will become a dynamic parish. It has no choice.

Will you be the Dynamic Catholic your parish needs?


I will evangelize by helping my parish become more dynamic.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Also Known As: The Apostle of Germany

Patron Saint of: Brewers, File Cutters, and Tailors

Symbols: An Axe (cutting down an oak tree)

Feast Day: June 5

Image of mountain and man reflecting in the water below.

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