The World Is A Mess

But You Have the Power to Change It.

There are plenty of reasons in today’s world to feel discouraged, overwhelmed, powerless, and frustrated. But one group of ordinary men and women have joined together to make a real difference in real lives. Will you join in? Here are just a few examples of the impact you’ll have as a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador:

  • You’ll support the innovation of world-class resources like BEST ADVENT EVER, BEST LENT EVER, DECISION POINT, BLESSED, Holy Moments, and 33 Days to Eucharistic Glory.
  • You’ll make it possible to bring soul-enriching resources to parishes, schools, and individuals across America—at little to no cost.
  • Your prayers and generosity will invite countless men, women, and children to experience the genius of Catholicism.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will also enjoy some incredible benefits for your own spiritual life:

  • Exclusive, early access to Dynamic Catholic pilgrimages and book releases
  • Monthly spiritual coaching calls from Matthew Kelly and other Dynamic Catholic leaders
  • Complimentary copies of different Dynamic Catholic books and resources