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March 29 | Generosity

Saint Joseph of Arimathea

You will only ever see 1% of the impact your generosity has in this lifetime. But make no mistake, every act of generosity has astounding effects.

Generosity is one of the most significant themes in the Gospels. All the great figures that emerge in the Gospels are generous. Sure, you have the Widow’s Mite and other obvious acts of generosity. But you find generosity in every great Gospel figure. Mary’s response to God when the angel appeared to her. The Magi with their journey and gifts. And then there is Saint Joseph of Arimathea.

A respected member of the Sanhedrin (the Jewish council), Joseph was a wealthy man. Based on what Jesus says about the temptations of wealth in other places, you might expect Joseph to also be a vain man who only cared about the things of this world. But the Gospels describe him as a "good and just man" who did not consent to the council’s decision to put Jesus to death.

After Jesus died, Joseph took down his body, wrapped it in fine linen, and laid it in a tomb which had never been used. After the constant insults to Jesus’ dignity that led up to his crucifixion, Joseph gave him a dignified burial.

Saint Joseph of Arimathea might not have known just how great an act he was doing at the time. He might not have known that Jesus would rise again in three days. And he might not have known that Jesus was in fact the Son of God. But Joseph generously gave him the gift of dignity anyway.

Generosity is at the heart of the Christian life. Go out of your way to generously give someone the gift of dignity today. It may be giving a homeless man your nicest coat. It may be asking an employee how their family is doing. It may be simply telling someone that God loves them.

One day, perhaps only in Heaven, you'll see the true impact of your generosity, and you'll be amazed.


I will live a life of staggering generosity.

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Patron Saint of: Funeral Directors and Pallbearers

Feast Day: March 29

Feast Day Shared By: Saint Ludolf of Ratzeburg

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