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March 30 | Forgotten

Saint Zosimus

A.D. 570–660

There is a mantra that dominates the cultural landscape today: “I don’t feel heard. I don’t feel seen. I don’t feel known. I don’t feel like I am enough.”

Have you ever felt that way? Do you feel that way right now?

We spend our days surrounded by trivialities and superficialities, constantly overloaded with information. With every passing day, to deeply know a person and be deeply known by them becomes more and more of a miracle.

It would have been easy for Saint Zosimus to feel unseen, unheard, and unloved.

After entering the monastery, he was given the duty of watching the relics of Saint Lucy. He didn’t like feeling so alone, and he missed the outdoor life of the farm he grew up on, so he ran away. Eventually, he returned, and received a vision of Saint Lucy chastising him, but then saw the Blessed Mother come as a calming presence. From that moment on, he was serious about attending to his duties.

Thirty years passed. No one seemed to remember old Zosimus, who was patiently doing his duty and watching the relics. Eventually, the time came to pick a new abbot for the monastery. All the other monks came to the meeting hall where the bishop would make his choice, but Zosimus stayed at his post.

The bishop asked if there was anyone missing. The monks said there was an old man named Zosimus who was watching Saint Lucy’s relics. The bishop then heard the voice of God telling him to make Zosimus the new abbot.

Toward the end of his life, Saint Zosimus would become a beloved bishop. Everyone else may have forgotten about Zosimus, but God never did.

We live in a time with more technology and less connection. We have bigger houses, but broken families. We long for someone to truly listen, but are drowning in distractions. We amass influence, but lack empathy.

But God never forgets you. He knows you better than you know yourself. He will never abandon you.

In a world where so many people feel unseen, unheard, and unworthy, God generously proclaims: I see you. I hear you. I know you. You are worthy. I am with you. I care. I am yours. You are mine. 

How can you seek out his presence today?


I belong to God. He will never forget me.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Feast Day: March 30

Feast Day Shared By: Saint Marie-Nicolas-Antoine Daveluy

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