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June 24 | Friendship (Pt. 2)

Saint John the Baptist

1st Century

One of our biggest problems as Christians is that we have become too familiar with the story of Jesus. They say familiarity breeds contempt. Let's consider the meaning of that phrase for a moment. It means that as our knowledge and association with someone or something grows, our respect for that person or thing diminishes.

This is also one of the biggest problems we have in our relationships with the saints. We think we know them. We may know when they lived or some other cursory facts about their lives, but not the deep and abiding soul-changing habits that made them who they are. And not the unique message they have for each of us as we really get to know them.

John the Baptist first met Jesus when they were both unborn children in their mothers' wombs. There is no record of them meeting again until John baptized Jesus in the river Jordan, though it seems likely that they spent time together as children, given the lengths Mary went to in order to visit John's mother during her pregnancy. Nonetheless, when John encountered Jesus the day of his baptism, familiarity or not, there was the complete opposite of contempt. John held Jesus not only in great respect, but with reverence.

What I love about John the Baptist is his distance from Jesus. He had a job to do and he got it done. He wasn't coming to Jesus asking, "How am I doing?" He knew what he needed to do, and he took care of it. His relationship with Jesus was completely unique, and despite his physical distance from Jesus, it was also deeply intimate in its own way.

We remember the saints because they had unique and intimate relationships with Jesus. Some might say they had extraordinary relationships with him, but I believe that God wants us all to have that kind of relationship with his son. God wants that kind of relationship to be ordinary and natural, carefree and unaffected, just like the way children speak to Jesus before they go to bed.

Would you like to have a special relationship with Jesus? I would. Not to be different from or better than anyone else, but just to have something that is unique between me and God. I suppose it is a very natural and normal desire for any Christian.

Jesus is your friend, and great friends take a genuine interest in each other. They are loyal and honest. They focus on giving, not taking. They build each other up with encouragement.

Great friends are empathetic. They are good listeners, and they help us to see the humorous side of life.

Jesus is already your friend. Will you return his friendship?


I value my unique friendship with Jesus.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Patron Saint of: Jordan, Baptism, Tailors, Printers, Motorways, Monastic Life, Lambs, Innkeepers, Farriers, Epileptics, Cutters, Convulsive Children, Converts, Bird Dealers, Baptism, Against Spasms, Against Hailstorms, Against Hail, Against Epilepsy, and Against Convulsions

Symbols: Shell (Used to baptize Jesus)

Feast Day: June 24—Birth of Saint John the Baptist (2024)

Feast Day Shared By: Saints John and Festo

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