Countdown to Christmas with this DIY Advent Calendar

With step-by-step instructions, photos, printable PDFs, and a helpful video, this DIY Advent calendar will help make your season more meaningful than ever!

Just like when we were kids, we want to share in the eager anticipation for Christmas day. We want to experience the magic of the Christmas season. Most of all, we want Christmas to be memorable and joyful. This homemade Advent calendar is full of charm and inspiration to help you do just that.

’Tis (almost) the season! Make the days leading up to Christmas meaningful and inspiring, build memories that last, and have a little fun.

This DIY Advent calendar is affordable and straightforward, with helpful PDF downloads and step-by-step instructions—and even has a bit of inspiration or a fun activity for each day during Advent.

Supplies You Will Need:

●     13 sheets of 8.5” x 11” cardstock paper for boxes (mix and match colors if you’d like)

●     Number stickers (optional)

●     1 bag of crinkle paper or shredded paper (choose whatever color you’d like)

●     Roll of twine or ribbon, cut into 25 strands (optional to keep boxes securely shut—we opted out)

●     1 bag of small, individually wrapped chocolates (at least 25 candies)

●     Wall adhesive (optional - if adhering calendar to wall)

●     1 decorative basket or box (optional - alternate display option)

●     Craft glue

●     Scissors

●     DIY Advent Calendar printables (Box Template x 25 and Daily Activities and Inspiration)

●     Additional decorations for boxes, like stickers (optional)

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Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1. Print templates for 25 boxes.

Print out the box template on the 13 sheets of cardstock paper. You can use one color or a variety of colors.

Step 2. Assemble boxes.

Cut along the solid lines for each box template. Next, fold along each dotted line. Shape into a box and glue edges together, leaving the top open.

Step 3. Fill boxes.

Print out the daily inspiration and activities. Select 25, then cut out and fold each day’s activity in half. Fill each box approximately halfway with shredded paper (or crinkle paper). Add one chocolate and an inspiration or activity.

Step 4. Decorate boxes.

Close box lids. Put a number sticker or write a number (1-25) on the top of each box . Tie either ribbon or twine around each box. Add any additional decor to the boxes (optional).

Step 5. Assemble calendar for display.

You can display your DIY Advent calendar in three different ways.

●     Option 1: Use wall adhesive to adhere each box to the wall, making the shape of a tree.

●     Option 2: Stack the boxes on top of each other in a triangle (tree-like) shape on your counter, table, or wherever you would like to display it.

●     Option 3: Put the boxes in a decorative basket or box (you can even use a shoebox wrapped in Christmas gift wrap!).

Step 6. Countdown to Christmas!

Each day leading up to Christmas, open a box, read the inspiration or do a simple activity, and (of course) eat the chocolate, and you will be on your way to having a very merry (and more meaningful) Christmas.

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