2021 Daily Lent Reflections

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A Question To Begin

The Missing Piece

Unconditional Love

Forty Days

The Habit

Finding Your Reason

Habit and Potential

The Invitation

Let God Love You


The First Surrender

The Day My Life Changed Forever

Teach Us to Pray

Sharing the Joy

More Than a Transaction


The Prayer Process

Your Best Days

The Basics

There is Power in a Name

God Delights in Us

For God So Loved the World

Begin Today

The Longest Journey

Begin the Conversation

Ask God What He Wants

Learning To Pray


Give Yourself To Prayer

Transform Everything Into Prayer

Make Yourself Available

Just Keep Showing Up

Getting Started

Highs and Lows

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

I Heard God Laugh

The Deep Waters

The Delight of God

Busy is not Your Friend


Sending Forth