Feed Your Soul Gospel Reflections

You’re not fully you when you’re spiritually hungry. That’s why we created the Feed Your Soul Gospel Reflection program with Matthew Kelly and Allen Hunt! These free weekly videos were created just for you - so watch to your soul’s content and prepare for Sunday in a powerful way.

Life In His Name

An Instrument of Peace

Rediscover Sacrifice

A Strong Connection

Good, Real Friendship

Meet Them Where They Are

You Have the Living Water

The Power of Love

Remember Who You Are

Sowing the Seed

Life is Stormy

Jesus the Healer

Courage and Perseverance

God Loves Collaboration

Jesus' Beautiful Humanity

All Things Are Possible With God

The Bread of Life

A People of Truth

Dancing For Joy

The Beauty of Faithfulness

Gossip, Hypocrisy And The Inner Life

God Is Your Healer

The Jesus Question

Children Are The Future

Agents of Unity

Two Shall Become One

A Gospel Cliffhanger

Leadership 101 With Jesus

Seeing Like A Blind Man